Nydg TieTuck (Jawline Enhancement)

NYDG’s Tie Tuck implements contemporary innovations in noninvasive cosmetic dermatology to redefine the male jawline and reduce appearance of laxity in the lower face, chin and neck area.

The Tie Tuck combines:

1) A nonsurgical Ultrasound treatment that helps lift and tighten loose skin by toning the muscles of the neck and lower face;

2) Radio Frequency Waves that aim to lift and tone sagging neck and facial skin;

3) Laser-Assisted Lipolysis, a noninvasive procedure that reduces fat below and around the chin, submental area, and neck for a visibly refined, chiselled jawline; and

4) Hyaluronic Gel Structuring, a technique that adds volume and definition to the chin and jawline with immediate impact.

Upon completion of this two-hour service, clients can experience a reduction of fatty deposits under the neck, tightening of the neck, a reduction of cheek jowls and a more defined jawline for a period of three to six months.